Three Rivers Famiy Swim Program

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Registering for our Swim Program

Online Registration is open through January 12th 2019. Some sessions will fill up fast, so register early.

Course Course Description Time Max # Cost
A Learn to Swim Levels 1-3
and Cub Scout Awards
10:00am - 10:40am 30 $75.00
B Learn to Swim Levels 1-3
and Cub Scout Awards
10:50am-11:30apm 30 $75.00
C Learn to Swim Levels 1-3
and Cub Scout Awards
11:40am - 12:20pm 30 $75.00
D Learn to Swim (Level 4) & Webelos 10:00am - 10:40am 10 $80.00
E Learn to Swim (Level 4) & Webelos 10:50am - 11:30am 10 $80.00
F Learn to Swim (Level 4) & Webelos 11:40am - 12:20pm 10 $80.00
G Swimming Merit Badge and ARC Level 5
and 1st class Swimming Skills
1:00pm - 2:15pm 15 $80.00
H Swimming Merit Badge and ARC Level 5 and
First Class Swimming Skills
2:30pm - 3:45pm 10 $80.00
I Lifesaving Merit Badge
Note: Adult CPR is required to pass this class. This year we have again incorporated this class into Lifesaving Merit Badge at no extra charge!
1:45pm - 3:45pm 15 $85.00
J BSA Lifeguard American Red Cross Lifeguard with Waterfront Module
* Contact Tom Beck for dates & details upon registration,
10:00am - 4:00pm 8 $115.00
K Adult Learn to Swim 1:00pm - 2:00pm 10 $75.00
L Snorkeling BSA 2:30pm - 3:30pm 7 $80.00

Registration Deadline

Registration is done online at Online Registration. The deadline for registration for Life Guard is December 29th. The deadline for registration for all other classes is January 12th. If you need to register after this date, contact Tom Beck There will be a $10.00 per person late registration fee at this time.

Program Notes and Reminders

Click on the arrows to the left of each header for more details.

Please Do Not Bring Valuables To The Pool

Other programs may use the locker rooms and the Swim Program cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items. Lockers are available, but you will have to bring your own padlock.

It Is Very Important That Class Participants Attend Every Class Session

Different course requirements are covered at every class. Missing classes could mean missing a skill that cannot be made up. If an absence is unavoidable, please talk to your child's instructor prior to the absence so that their instructor can try to make arrangements to make up missing material.

Successful Completion Of Any Class Taught Through The Swim Program Is Dependent Upon Completion Of A Set Of Predetermined Skills

A list of these skills can be provided upon request or may be viewed at our website at Attendance alone does not guarantee successsful completion of a course.

All Students Will Receive A Final Check Sheet

It will show what they have or have not completed. Our final skill check sheets will indicate which skills are American Red Cross skills or BSA skills. If a Scout has satisfied the BSA requirements, it is up to an Unit Leader to sign the Scout off in his book. Scouting rules stipulate that we are not allowed to sign Scout books.

Merit Badge Cards

Students participating in either the Swimming Merit Badge or Lifesaving Merit Badge need to give to their Swim Instructors Merit Badge Cards that are completely filled out and signed by the Scoutmaster on the first day of class in order to participate. Any Scout who does not turn in their Merit Badge Card cannot receive their award regardless of pass or fail status.

Electronic Devices with Photographic Capabilities are BANNED

All electronic devices with photographic capabilities are BANNED from our locker rooms. This includes cell phones and cameras. Anyone caught violating this policy will be removed from our program immediately with no refunds.


We are unable to give refunds after the first day of lessons.

If You Have Any Questions

If you have any questions about what a program entails or are unsure about which class your child qualifies for, than please contact the program director, Tom Beck by email at